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Distance from Yuzhnyi p/s to port Oktyabrsk equals to 52 miles.

Vessels’ restrictions dimensionwise:

  • LOA – 215m
  • Breadth moulded – 32.5m
  • Draft – 10.3m (10.5m draft may be granted depending on weather/water level conditions).
For vessels exceeding above dimensions pls apply in advance.

Draft restrictions along the piers:

  • pier #1,2,3,4,5 – 10.3m,

Pilotage restrictions:

  • LOA >187m or draft >10m=10.3m – assisting tugboat required along BDL channel any time,
  • Draft >10.3 = 10.5m – assisting tugboat required along BDL channel/daytime sailing only,
  • LOA = any and draft > 8m – assisting tugboat required along BDL channel at dark time commencing since 1500lt,
  • Pilotage is obligatory,
  • Tugboats usage obligatory on mooring/unmooring operations.

Sea Port “Oktyabrsk” is considered to be one of the most up-to-date ports in Ukraine. It is equipped with modern 40-ton gantry cranes, folk-lift trucks with the capacity from 1,5 tons to 25 tons, roll-trailers and motor prime movers for the transportation of cargo.

It specializes in general cargo, cargo in boxes, pallets, containers and transshipment of metals.

The port consists of 7 deep-water moorages with an overall length of 1,9 km. Navigation is permitted all year round, but in winter time – only for vessels having Ice Class Certificate.