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Nikolaev Sea Trade Port

Distance from Yuzhnyi p/s to Nikolaev Sea Port equals to 58 miles

Vessels’ restrictions dimensionwise:

  • LOA – 215m
  • Breadth moulded – 32.5m
  • Draft – 10.3m (10.5m draft may be granted depending on weather/water level conditions).
For vessels exceeding above dimensions pls apply in advance.

Draft restrictions along the piers:

  • pier #1,2,4,5,6,9,10,11,12,13,14,22 – 10.3m,
  • pier #3 – 10.3m via separation block
  • pier #7 – 9m.

Pilotage restrictions:

  • LOA >187m or draft >10m=10.3m – assisting tugboat required along BDL channel any time,
  • Draft >10.3 = 10.5m – assisting tugboat required along BDL channel/daytime sailing only,
  • LOA = any and draft > 8m – assisting tugboat required along BDL channel at dark time commencing since 1500lt,
  • Pilotage is obligatory,
  • Tugboats usage obligatory on mooring/unmooring operations.


In winter time traffic through the approaching channel is permitted only in convoys escorted by an ice-breaker. Ice period normally lasts from the beginning of December till the first half of March. Passing through the approaching channel is permitted by day time only.

Vessels bound for Nikolayev are advised to be ice-classed. Vessels that are not ice-classed can be convoyed upon a letter of indemnity from the owners is addressed to the Port Authorities via the agent.

Pilot? boarding place is Yuzhniy Pilot Station (VHF Channel 16/12, call sign ?elta pilot?. Dock pilot embarks the vessel at the Inner Roads.


As per requirement of the Ukrainian Sanitary Authorities, all vessels visiting Ukrainian ports are to be fitted with an isolated type of sewage system. Vessels which are not equipped with the same are not permitted into Ukrainian ports.


As per local deballasting regulation, vessels when entering the Black Sea have to change segregated ballast taken in other regions of the World Ocean for the Black Sea ballast. A master should present to a state inspector a written declaration to the effect that segregated ballast onboard was changed, as above.


Ship repair facilities are available at Nikolayev port